Welcome to The 3rd Marines

Welcome to the Third Marines of Sourcemods; WW1 Source . We are an authentic realism unit that conducts itself in a professional and realistic manner.

The 3rd Marines deliver the most unique and realistic interpretations of what a Realism Unit in the Source world can be like if it strives for maintaining a strict adherence to portraying the real USMC.

In addition, we utilize a self cohesive structure focused on Small Unit Leadership in which every Marine in leadership positions from Cpl+ have direct control and responsibilities over the Marines under their CoC. You are rewarded and are promoted based off your contributions and leadership from your direct superiors with the chance to even take the highest leadership position in the unit as time progresses.

Contact info

3rd Marines

3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines
MCBH Hawaii
Kaneohe Bay 96863 HI

E -mail: the3rdMarines@gmail.com

The best way to contact us is through steam chat, however, feel free to use the email form below if needed.

Disclaimer: This website is for a online gaming group and is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps or United States Government.

Steam Email

Our Mission

To Conduct a sustained cohesive unit and other missions, as directed, in order to fullfill national and primary objectives. Of which include the upkeep of unit members information regarding their enlistment with the 3rd Marine Regiment and to properly self instruct and inspire them to a higher level of self respect, unit pride and awareness of the United States Marine Corps.

Games We Play

WW1 Source

Fight in the rain soaked trenches or charge over No Man’s Land through a hail of artillery and machine gun fire to battle in the War to End All Wars.


Ham and Jam

Ham and Jam is a WW2 title centered around the British and Commonwealth campaigns of 1939-1945 before the American invasion of D-Day.


community testimonials

  • It really is an amazing thing that the 3rd Marine's do for the community. Thank you for taking the time to bring the community together with your events!
    Enigma, 3rd MAR Forums
  • Join the 3rd Marines Steam group and never worry about finding players again. These guys are great!
    OndePyrat, ModDB
  • I have never seen a group like the 3rd Marines in my lifetime. I have never seen a group give away so much for nothing in return, just for playing a game!
    Marty Mat, 3rd MAR Forums
  • 3rd Marines forever!!
    MisterWolf, ModDB