Bylaws of the 3rd Marines



















Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the 3rd Marines or 3/3. A catch-all name for Marines with the 3rd Marine Battalion or the 3rd Marine Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment.

Section 2. The organizations motto shall be "Fortes Furtuna Juvat" which means Furtune Favors the Bold.

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Section 1. The following are the purposes for which this organization has been organized:

a. The founding principles the 3rd Marines is born from is to create a self controlled online group in which every Marine is directly involved in molding its future and highest ranks within.

b. The 3rd Marines provide its members with updated servers, training facilities, interactive communities and a website that records their military careers. In addition operation costs are provided by the unit and/or from optional donations from its members.

c. The intent of the 3rd Marines is to also provide more first hand insight into the culture and rich history of the United States Marine Corps and other military branches of the world. It is a place to expand your knowledge and honor those who have served.

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Section 1. Enlistment in this organization shall be open to the following.

a. Any player from a game the 3rd Marines operates in is free to Enlist with our organization. However, person's with hacking history, VAC Bans and integrity violators on their enlistment packets (lying) will have their Enlistment options terminated without warning. A realistic first and last name are needed.

b. Persons enlisting are required to complete the instructions sent to their email provided in their enlistment form to be considered for placement in our recruit training classes. Failure to complete tasks given will result in involuntary removal from recruit training.

c. Playing skill, sex, ethnicity, sexual preferences, age or maturity levels are not disqualifying terms for grounds of enlistment.

d. Use or ownership of microphones is not a disqualifying term for grounds of enlistment. However, a microphone will be needed and used if the Marine is on a promotion board for Corporal or higher.


Section 2. Recruits in this organization are required to do the following.

a. Recruits are required to attend each day of their recruitment's Boot Camp days. They are allowed to arrive or depart early for the second training day only and can arrive late for the final day of testing as long as the training day is not over. However, points are deducted from recruits total final grade for missing any period of recruit training.

b. Recruits must pass Boot Camp with a final grade of 80.00 or higher from combined testing material.

c. If recruits pass Boot Camp they will earn their Eagle Globe and Anchors symbolizing their endoctrine into the 3rd Marines. They will be promoted and added to the combat roster under a fireteam that best matches their individual playing time and personality after attending School of Intantry (SOI). Each new Marine must undergo a three month "Boot" phase until they aquire seniority.

Section 3. Active Duty Marines in this orginazation are required to do the following:

a. Marines must uphold the 3rd Marine's standards and have the General Orders memorized at all times.

b. Marines are free to take immediate self motivation to aspire and lead this organization. The 3rd Marines prides itself in the fact that any Marine in this organization through hard work and determination can become the improptu leader and highest rank while performing their actions as our units Standard Operating Procedure directs.

c. Marines are not obligated to maintain activity levels. However, low activity or complete inactivity may result in the Marine being issued orders to be seperated from the combat platoons and placed in the reserves until activity levels are stable again.

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Section 1. Chain of Command

a. Descision making processes and requests will be handled through the individuals direct chain of command starting with their fireteam leader.

b. If member feels uncomfterble addressing their immediate chain of command they may request MAST and speak with the current leader of the organization regarding complaints or prejudices

Section 2. Discharges

a. Only Active Duty Marines can warrant a Honorable Discharge if service records show units overall standards. Recruits, Enlistees and Reservists are not eligable for Honorable Discharges.

b. General Discharges have two seperate class restrictions associated with them. A General Discharge RE1 means their reenlistment code (1) entitles player to reenlist as a recruit. A General Discharge RE2 means their reenlistment code (2) does not entitle player to reenlist.

c. Dishonerable Discharges can only be designated by the leader of this organization. Players under a dishonerable discharged are banned from our organizations servers indefinetly.

Section 3. Growth

a. Any Active Duty Marine the rank of Corporol or higher is allowed to create a new company under the 3rd Marines in a new game. They are required to operate their company using our orginazations Standard Operating Procedure.

b. Marines who choose to form a new company are required to uphold up to half of their server costs per month and perform all web or server related administration until their company reaches a large enough size to accomodate permenant personell.

Section 4. Training

a. Training is to have a very realistic feel and atmosphere in this organization. Extra steps and focus will be on immitating the real USMC and how they interact and train themselves.

b. Primary source of training is through individually instructed small courses called MCI's or Marine Corps Instruction Manuals. Marines pre0study and test on these manuals for annual training requirments.

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Section 1. This Orginanizations responsibilities that are given to its members freely are: payments for servers and hosting, administration of same, providing the written basis of how the organization is allowed to grow and ensures the organization follows this path, individual members career recording and offering a pro USMC environment that strives to teach its members and visitors the importance of the organization we represent.

Section 2. The current leader of the organization assumes all duties and responsibilities until other members of this organization have a high enough security clearence level to become permenent personell.

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Section 1. This organization shall be a nonprofit Corporation, operated exclusively for the purposes specified in Article II above.

Section 2. Permenent personell shall not be compensated financially for work served with this organization. All funds collected from optional donations shall be spent on annual operation costs and prize giveaway's.

Section 3. 3rd Marines shall use its funds only to accomplish the purposes specified in Article II above, and no part of said funds shall incur or be distributed to members, unless for services or goods rendered.

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Section 1. This organization accepts donations from its members and non members alike. However, donations do not have an active reward for any who donate except a small reward on members individual records.

Section 2. All donations received are held via the 3rd Marines paypal account and are used soly for the purposes of Article II

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Section 1. Administration on all levels is as follows:

a. Responsibility for website and server administration not covered by permenent personell is reserved for the company commander or leader of each company. Each company operates independently from the others however cross training and working with eachother is encouraged

b. Game and Voice Server administration is classified as basic server administration in which every active duty Marine has access to or advanced server administration in which company leaders are respinsible for.

c. Website administration is responsible for Training Officers, Company Leaders, Officers and SNCO's

d. Forum administration is designated to Marines who need it to complete their assigned duties.