Our Corps History

Chapter One
The Foundation
15 MAR 10

The Third Battalion, Third Marines was founded on March 15th, 2010 under Cpl. Adam Switz with the opening of it's first company, India Company. Starting his first unit in a little known and dead mod called WW1 Source (Alpha) was a very rare decision and strange amongst the realism community Cpl. A.. Switz served for in Day of Defeat Source. His goal was simple, to start something new, real and with fresh minds.

Chapter Two
The Start Of Something Great
20 MAR 10

The unit started taking its first steps during this short but hectic timeframe. Though the unit was created well in advance before it actually opened, a lot of what you see today was not yet in place. But, with the help of some players interested in a more realistic realism experience and a few players who found WW1 Source the unit was able to enlist five players for its first recruit training class 1001. The class graduated two new Marines Pvt. Marsh and Pfc. Hansen.

Chapter Three
Growing Rapidly
16 MAY 10

By the unit's next training class in which eight where enlisted for things where looking up for the unit even if it seemed the only players in WW1 Source where now wearing 3rd MAR tags. But that did not stop the unit from providing a fun server and small custom made maps to attract the few players who bored easily of the large maps WW1 Source Developers created for no fans. Of this class four would become Marines.

Chapter Four
The Hand That Feeds You
01 JUL 10

By now players where starting to stay in WW1 Source and servers where starting to show traces of high activity spikes during events lead by the 3rd Marines. Soon other groups would emerge in WW1 Source as they saw realism as being a fun thing to do. We openly helped these new units by supplying them with our server script that enabled "Realism" matches in servers. While at the same time taking our first unit's large scale initiative to increase our level of realism in how we operate and run our unit by creating a tougher and more realistic Recruit Training Program and live fire exercises. We quickly earned our fame as being the hardest unit to get into which would last for the rest of our unit's establishment. However, with the new appeal of the other unit's that had emerged who offered a much easier recruitment process, the 3rd Marines saw a drastic decline in training platoon sizes and quality. Discouraged many Marines left the unit to seek new games. The few who stayed became the anchors for what the unit would become in later months.

Chapter Five
Unit Liberty
14 OCT 10

As it became harder to compete for the small number of players in WW1 Source with other units who where much larger than us due to their open door recruiting policies every Marine felt the desire to change where we belonged. Cpl. A. Switz issued liberty to every Marine to follow him into Red Orchestra which was voted on by the Marines as a possible game to move into. However, it was quickly apparent at that time that the unit mixed with its size and activity level would soon go into another long stall which would had possibly meant a heartbreaking disbandment.

Chapter Six
WW1 Source in Turmoil
05 NOV 10

Reports where coming in from our old war front that WW1 Source was in trouble. The increase of players in WW1 Source also caught the eyes of its old developers who abandoned it months prior. They decided to get back to work on it as it seems its not a dead mod after all. The unit met to discuss if the unit should go back to WW1 Source and see what the developers could bring with a new update. Before the final decision was made on this matter the WW1 Developers hired a new coder with high experience onto their staff. However, this person turned out to be much more of a problem than he was worth when he issued a statement declaring that Realism match play was to be removed from WW1 Source because he was getting complaints of bad administration of them from the unit's in WW1 Source. With their premier game in turmoil, the 3rd Marines renewed their energy in proving that realism was in fact the only thing keeping WW1 Source alive and if ran correctly can be a great addition to match play options. A month long feud ensued as this developer displayed incomprehensible acts of immaturity, sabotaging, lying and disrespecting. It ended when he finally played a realism on the 3rd Marine's server and quoted that he was wrong and that if all units ran their realism's like our unit did he could not see why any complaints would ever reach him about realism again.

Chapter Seven
Uneasy Ally

This new developer and the 3rd Marine's became uneasy friends as work continued on a crucial update for WW1 Source and the future of Realism in it. The Third Marines where in great position after proving our strength in getting realism returned to the players and where considered by many the premier organization of WW1 Source and players began relying on us heavily again much like in the beginning to offer them realism's and public events. Recruitment soared again even with our tough requirements and our rosters began to grow once more.

Chapter Eight
The Unsettling of WW1 Source
02 APR 11

At the height of our unit's success in WW1 Source the news we had all feared may happen happened. Our uneasy ally the developer was still a target for many WW1 Source players who he had personally disrespected and made outrages statements to only a few months prior and they continued to make their hatred of him known. The developer became more disgruntled and began relying on the 3rd Marine's to help him regain his image. But the damage was too severe in what he caused to the community and it would eventually lead him to sabotage the crucial update WW1 Source needed and took all of the better developers from the team to start a new mod.

Chapter Nine
Demise of Our Maiden Game
16 MAY 11

As the full knowledge and extent of damage and humiliation this old developer caused to WW1 Source the few remaining developers made a tough but valiant statement saying work on the update will end and gave a detailed explanation of the events around its sabotaging. As with one crack of the whip, every modder, level designer, mod fan, player and community guru rose up in defense of WW1 Source's demise and ousted the old developer who sabotaged it out of the gaming industry for it seemed he had done this with four previous mods he worked on. As great of news this was to our unit, we still did not have a game to play in. All of the players the unit worked so hard to bring into WW1 Source rapidly left as news of WW1 Sources demise spread. It was not long until the 3rd Marines where once again the only group in WW1 Source, which again had no players.

Chapter Ten
A King's Farewell
11 JUN 11

After much deliberation and tough choices, the unit decided it was best to pursue other games for the best of our interest. After announcing for a entire week to our large following of old WW1 Source players WW1 Source was able to end in an amazing five hour long realism in our completely filled server. The day was relaxed with music playing, laughing and no talk about our bitterness of our beloved game being destroyed. At the end of the final realism in WW1 Source the unit officially honored its remaining developers with our 21 gun salute and the Legion of Merit for their contributions and open communications they had with our unit regarding the issues surrounding the sabotaging of their mod. At 2000 EST, the last of our Marines departed the WW1 Source server for the last time.

Chapter Eleven
A New Hope
12 JUN 11

It became clear after yesterday that mods are where this unit belongs. With our unit's fame and professionalism, regular mod players cling to our unit and rely on it to get them the enjoyment they need. And it came to no surprise that we voted unanimously to go into another new mod set to release that week called Ham and Jam.

Chapter Twelve
The Long Wait
05 JUL 11

Now close to a month after we thought Ham and Jam was supposed to be released the unit is still left without a game. Naturally recruitment has stalled. However, the unit decided to make good use of this increase of free time to work on a massive overhaul of our units structure to prepare as best it can for the arriving masses Ham and Jam will surely bring in its first few weeks after launching.

Chapter Thirteen
Back To Action
01 OCT 11

With Ham ad Jam taking further delays, the 3rd Marines set to embark on a route that no one predicted, a return to the now completely dead WW1 Source to try and revive her again. In order to be successful, the Marines launched a massive prize challenge giveaway in hopes to lure some old WW1 Source vets from our Public Steam Group back into WW1 Source. Amped up with a new 64 slot server for the event and weeks of planning and advertising, we opened our doors on October 11th yet again to a familiar game with tremendous and unexpected success. During the come back event we had over 50 players in the server at one point and went on to recruit the largest Recruit Training Class, Platoon 3006 with 37 recruits. This put the Marines in great shape for now clans where also coming back to WW1 Source after seeing our success.

Chapter Fourteen
The New Beginning
07 JAN 12

With the largest recruit training class on record in WW1 Source and for our unit, the unit set out to ambitiously give our recruits yet another unique experience by hosting the class on our newest Parris Island training map. Energy and morale for the unit as a whole had never been higher and the unit was able to add nine new Marines by the end of their training to completely fill our first squad and be able to compete for players in the still small WW1 Source community. In addition the unit finally was able to begin its methods of leadership as directed by its now updated SOP structure which enables each Marine in leadership positions sole authority over his men under his charge which has resulted in micro-managing at the smallest levels and kept Marines from being overworked and the feeling of not belonging.

Chapter Fifteen
Let The Good Times Roll
01 FEB 12

The decision to return to WW1 Source was perhaps the best move the unit has ever made. With its focus on community relations by investing time and money into organizing never seen before large scale prize giveaway events, the Marines have created the "what's next" atmosphere in the community that has players returning and coming in droves. In addition recruiting is at all time highs months in advance to when our next Boot Camp is scheduled to begin. WW1 Source has been revived and the 3rd Marines are proudly leading the way once again.

Chapter Sixteen
Return of the Clans
15 APR 12

Our success and resurgence in WW1 Source did not remain unnoticed for very long and old clans reformed under new banners to capitalize on the active new player base. The new clans where different from the past and had more structure than before and more involved with the community. The exhausted Marines decided it was time to finally take a step back and let others lead the community.

Chapter Seventeen
Slow Stagnation
25 SEP 13

Noticing the diminishing number of active players, the 3rd Marines decided to take the reigns again by launching it's biggest event on record that would span a total of 2 weeks and involve over 50 game prizes, 6 new maps and a call to arms to bring back every old player to the mod. The "Surge" as it was named was a huge success, however, the 3rd Marines failed to capitalize on the increased activity in the recruiting department. Other more aggressive recruiting clans where able to increase two fold while the Marines barely saw any increase from it's usual slow growth. This was also because many of the Marines where simply exhausted. A change was needed soon.

Chapter Eighteen
Change of Leadership
11 NOV 13

The much needed change for the unit came in the form of a leadership change in which Switz, exhausted from trying to keep the community and unit going for so long) handed over leadership to three community members who where eager to take over and renew the 3rd Marines energy with fresh ideas and an aim to grow.

Chapter Nineteen
Bumps in the Road
16 NOV 13

The new leadership immediately set out to change some of the 3rd Marines policies in which was slowing the potential growth that the new command was wishing to make more rapid. Although some of the community where not in favor, they still lended support to the 3rd Marines as they always have. However, more problems occurred when the websites APACHE code was accidentally damaged making the website unusable, one of the new leaders left, and the new wave of Marines effectively replaced many of the unit's veterans as they began leaving the unit as they saw this new energy as their chance to leave the unit in good shape and take a long needed rest.

Chapter Twenty
05 DEC 13

Almost as if overnight the 3rd Marines became a new clan. Almost all of it's old faces where gone, replaced with Marines born of a different SOP and structure. This pace of change got other clans and the community more involved and it unsettled the remaining two community leaders left running the 3rd Marines. Inevitably upset by their new experiences they where having, they decided to leave the unit. A. Switz returned because of this news to make one last ditch effort to fix the broken website, work on saving what Marines remained, and began bringing back much of the old SOP the unit was founded on.

Chapter Twenty-One
Decision to Leave
01 JAN 14

A. Switz made a lot of headway into getting the unit back in shape and better than before with his work on it's new website which when finally built, had the ability to save many hours of work on the organization side of running a unit. This was exactly what was needed so that the unit could instead focus on its growth. However, three weeks in, the new website crashed and was lost due to it's host migrating servers. In addition, the old server was kept by the units previous leaders from the month before and the new server that was purchased that same day had still not came online. Although another attempt was made to redo everything lost, it was not with the same energy or passion and after a week of deliberating, A. Switz decided it was time to finally disband the 3rd Marines in WW1 Source.

Chapter Twenty-Two
Spark that started it all over again
27 FEB 14

Two months after the downfall of the 3rd Marines in WW1 Source, A. Switz was contacted by S. Tompkins with discussions about bringing back the 3rd Marines together into the modern combat mod called Insurgency. After speaking for a week about it and seeing what the 3rd Marines would be like, the deal was struck and the 3rd Marines would re-invent itself to go into Insurgency under S. Tompkins. Work immediately followed as the unit was being raised from the dead.

Chapter Twenty-Three
Another let down
13 MAR 14

It became apparent that there was differences of opinion on how to steer the 3rd Marine's into Insurgency between A. Switz and S. Tompkins. For four long years the 3rd Marine's has pride itself in it's self cohesive structure and focusing on everything from the ground up. Small and cautious steps lead to incredible community support at the responsible portrayal the unit presented itself with. However, S. Tompkins was seeking to steer the unit along faster and began recruiting well in advance to the unit being ready to launch. With each new recruit S. Tompkins grew more and more aggressive in his leadership approach, goals and each new decision that was being made was steering the 3rd Marines more and more into that of a pub-realism unit. On March 13, S. Tompkins met with the current recruits of the unit while A. Switz was away and left the unit to go and create their own.

Chapter Twenty-Four
It's so insane it's great
20 MAR 14

Momentum was still very high even with the last bit of drama to unfold. Creation on a new School of Infantry map which was going to introduce SOI into the 3rd Marines training program was already under construction and taking shape to become a great training map. In addition, the brainstorming that went into the almost retaking of the 3rd Marines lead to some new creative ways to better some of the areas the 3rd Marines traditionally had problems with in terms of getting recruits and then getting those same recruits through our very tough recruit training phase and into the unit. Needless to say, A. Switz was back in the seat and looking to bring the 3rd Marines back as the center of realism and the community.

For a couple of weeks the dilemma was not so much if to bring the unit back, but it was where to go to. WW1 Source had died completely since the 3rd Marines left it four months ago, other games proved not unique enough or the community wasn't right for the 3rd Marines' unique view of realism. That is when the idea hit, Ham and Jam had recently released under hardly any fanfare and had already died out in less than a week after release. After some play testing in single player (because there where no servers at all), the 3rd Marine's judged it to be the perfect game to make it's comeback. The strategy was simple, bring all of our old WW1 Source community (who was pretty tired of it by now) into a fresh and very impressive forgotten mod and revive it. The move was aimed at not only reviving a mod that was worthy of players, but to also tie the Marines still interested in WW1 Source 2.0 over until it finally released.

Chapter Twenty-Five
But allegiances die hard
05 JUN 14

While in the ending phases of completing the new 3rd Marine's website, A. Switz was contacted by Ashton, lead developer of WW1 Source with an update that he should go and check out whats been added to WW1 Source 2.0 via the developers server.  A. Switz was amazed at the long awaited progress of a coder was finally piecing together all of their material in game and after a long discussion with Ashton, A. Switz determined that it was better to return to WW1 Source now instead of going on with Ham and Jam.  The 2.0 release date was half a year away, perfect amount of time to gain a solid foothold in the community once again.  A. Switz began to immediately rework the website to go back to the WW1 Source atmosphere.  

Chapter Twenty-Six
Talks of Merge
08 JUN 14

News about the 3rd Marine's return to WW1 Source was kept private, however, small circles among the most dedicated of the WW1 Source community did not take long to catch wind of the latest news.  One of these individuals was the original creator of the 90th Winnipeg Rifles Division, which was the most successful unit in WW1 Source's history in terms of growth and numbers contacted A. Switz with talks about sending his remaining 90th WR members to the 3rd Marines because they have been left while most of their Division went into the RnL mod under the name 502nd PIR.  The two leaders discussed details about the merge and as the talks grew more intense, it then turned into a larger scale event than both originally discussed in the start.  The merge would happen with three units instead of two, with those wishing to join from the RnL able to do so, notes and tips where traded which lead to even more updated material for the new 3rd Marine's to further help in its organization taking methods and leadership, and finally it pushed A. Switz to go even further into making a very realistic unit again with the advantage of knowing there would be a good number of former Marines and merging members to bulk up it's roster fast.

Chapter Twenty-Seven
Leadership Change with the Merge
08 JUN 14

The most important piece gained from the merge was the addition of M. Judge who would go on to become the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Marines.  Instead of sending his remaining 90th WR members over, M. Judge decided that he as well would join the 3rd Marines after discussing the merge all day and seeing what the 3rd Marines new material was so far.  The two leaders would then co-lead different parts of the 3rd Marines for the initial months until more leaders where trained.  A. Switz would take all annual training requirements and M. Judge would lead it's first Platoon and take charge of individual Marine maintenance and company drills and events.  

Chapter Twenty-Eight
3rd Marines start again
26 JUL 14

After almost 6 months of rebuilding the 3rd Marines from the ground up, a complete overhaul of the website, completely new and never seen before methods of organization created and with the addition of the merge; the 3rd Marines held their first recruit training in over eight months behind closed doors with only former 3rd Marines and new Marines who came over for the merge as per was one of the conditions of the merge to allow those new Marines time to gain seniority before the recruiting doors start allowing normal players to enlist.  

Recruit Training Platoon 1013 graduated 18 Marines that day which was the largest number to ever pass the 3rd Marine's initial training program before.  One of these new Marines (who was also Platoon Guide for his class) was Pvt. P. Tomich who would a year later be commissioned as the company executive officer under the newly mandated structure of the 3rd Marines when they returned in October 2015.


Chapter Twenty-Nine
Ham and Jam
28 AUG 14

In late August, the 3rd Marines opened a server in a newly released Sourcemod called Ham and Jam. The game was a DODS spin-off, but instead of the Western Front in 1945, the period focused on was the very early years of the second world war in Europe.

The added game also included the creation of Kilo Company to contain future Ham and Jam players, however, after three months in Ham and Jam with the population barely ever reaching thirty players the unit decided to call it quits.


Chapter Thirty
Shutting Down
8 MAR 15

Growing stagnant again due to other clans operating and taking advantage of the renewed effort in WW1 Source, the 3rd Marines yet again became disheartened and fighting an increasingly difficult uphill battle to recruit and keep an active server. The situation became worse when it was noticed the the developers barely made any progress in the past six months which made it clear that it would still yet be a long time until it would release. As a result, the 3rd Marines decided it best to suspend actions and shut down until WW1 Source 2.0 would become very close to ready to being released.


Chapter Thirty-One
Reconstruction Period
22 MAY 15

During the well deserved break from WW1 Source the unit took on the largest transformations in it's history by making huge changes to it's organization, procedures, requirements and standards. The changes occurred after 3rd Marine leadership dusted off five years worth of recall rosters to track down and find former 3rd Marine members and have them fill out a Feedback Survey that asked them questions about their past experiences in the unit. The reports where painstakingly analyzed in each detail and category to determine what where the root causes of areas within the report scored high, low or average in.

Using the reports, the 3rd Marines where able to have a clearer picture of what needed to be improved. Almost every area of the unit was effected in some way or the other, however, the largest changes occurred in the removal of the units Boot Camp Recruit Training program, SOI, Unit avatar and name policies, and the ease at which to earn promotion points for the cutting score in terms of promotions.


Chapter Thirty-Two
Last Entry in 1.13b
17 OCT 15

The 3rd Marines returned to WW1 Source 1.13b due to overwhelming reports and confidence WW1 Source 2.0 would be released within half a year at most. Freshly rested and all of the new policy changes in effect and prepared for, the unit yet again jump started the WW1 Source community. Also due to the Feedback Reports that where sent out to all former Marines, many 3rd Marine veterans from all years throughout the units history returned to the unit to represent over a hundred combined years of WW1 Source experience.


Chapter Thirty-Three
Company Guided Command Structure
24 OCT 15

For the first time in over five years the 3rd Marines announced that we would be utilizing officer ranks in formation of a Company Lead command structure instead of squad and/or Platoon. Making up this new command structure would be GySgt A. Switz (Company Commander), SSgt P. Tomich (Executive Officer), and Sgt B. Angel (Company Sergeant).

The unit also introduced a Company Clerk position which is regarded as an administrative rank with executive powers which would entail a leadership position in the Company lead command structure. Sgt. M. Petersen was named for this position.

Chapter Thirty-Four
Days of War
27 APR 16

Over the recent holiday's, player counts in WW1 Source began hitting all time low levels again. Disappointed and let down again in the fact that WW1 Source 2.0 did not release as promised, morale and faith in 2.0 all but vanished. Just as the unit was voting on wether or not to pull the life support and go back to waiting on 2.0, a new game was uncovered that quickly garnered unanimous support current Marines to go into. The game was Days of War and it's Kickstarter campaign was just finishing up, but enough time left to proceed with the game switch and pre-purchase enough tickets for each Marine to be able to play in it's Alpha release set to come out on April 29th.

The sudden decision forced leadership to draft new bylaws and amendments to the unit's structure to begin operating in a much more active and highly populated title. Google Docs was first introduced at this time which immediately gave the unit a very great tool to manage large numbers quickly and with the very minimal training needed on teaching individuals how to use it, the unit was able to add on many supportive leadership roles who could attribute directly to the inner unit workings.


Chapter Thirty-Five
In Familiar Territory
19 JUN 16

Entry into Days of War did not go as hoped for. Although the Alpha build was a large step up in potential player base and graphics, the gameplay was very rough around the edges, lots of bugs, many quirks and was very resource hungry which eliminated the ability of many members to be able to play.

The unit was instructed to play through it and put trust in the developers to fix the issues plaguing everyone. Little by little, like a surgeon working methodically to repair a torn limb, the Days of War developers hammered out all the problems throughout the courses of Alpha and Beta builds. However, much of the DoW community became inactive and enticed by other large titles being released. This left the community much like how it was during most of the time in WW1 Source. Being very well acquainted with this type of low player base, the 3rd Marines issued extended liberty to all active duty Marines until December which was the month that Days of War would be released on Steam. During the time, 3rd MAR leadership began working on the DoW community and developers outside of game to acquire recognition and more details about the game itself and it's future with realism in mind.


Chapter Thirty-Six
Igniting Another Games Activity
7 NOV 16

3rd Marine Leadership returned from libo a month ahead of the rest of the Marines to begin constructing plans to restart the DoW community to help give it a healthy player base from it's backer corps before it went on Steam. The 3rd MAR was already contributing to the overall DoW community by keeping it updated, interested and intent on returning to it once things got serious again. They also where the caretakers of the official DoW Clan List which they began going through the motions to update it to have a current list of clans and realism units for when the game released on Steam in late December.

The 3rd also began constructing a new surge like the one they made in WW1 Source which greatly improved overall activity in the community, however, the 3rd Marines benefited very little from it compared to other groups. This time around, 3rd Marine leadership changed strategies to make the surge a community effort more so than appearing to be it's creators in hopes to avoid the same mistakes of the past.