To challenge the Third Marines to a Match or Joint Excerice please read through the following gamemodes, types of matches, as well as some ground rules that we offer to you. Also, please either be your clan/unit's leader or here with express permission from your leader to set up a match to avoid confusion.

Theme of Match

Official Match

  An Official Match as an agreed upon match that the outcome effects both unit/clans official win/loss records.

Scrimmage Match

  A Scrimmage Match is still a match, however, the outcome of the match does not effect win/loss recrods.

Joint Excersice

  A Joint Excercise is a Match or Training Event in which each clan/unit involved mixes their players up between each group.


Type of Match




A Realism is a match in which one side attacks while the other defends and then trade turns after each round. You only get one life per round.
A Conquest is similiar to default play. But every five minutes the match is paused to allow for each side to ressuply their forces and start where the match left off.
The Default method of play is to use the default method of how the game was set up originally. The match is usually won based off a round winning percentage.


while playing/challenging us

  • We cannot promise to except every match request although we will try.
  • We expect the match to begin on the time you requested with no delay.
  • We record all of our matches, if we catch a player cheating we will post the video.
  • We are not a very competitive group as it is not our central focus.
  • We expect proffessional behavior. Be gracious winners or losers, it is just a game.