Recruit Training

Recruit Training Phase

The 3rd Marines' Recruit Training Program has recently changed how it operated the past five years the unit has been organized. We have done away with the traditional "Boot Camp" and subsequent training because although it was always a sight to see because of the level of realism portrayed in it and the great custom maps, in the end it cost too much time not just on the recruits and Drill Instructors, but also took away valuable time away from the server and community.

The new way the 3rd Marines Recruit Training Phase works acts much like a try out period for IPAC (Individual Personnel Administration Center) to get a thorough look at each recruit before making the determination on whether or not to promote the recruit into the Active Duty Rosters.

Each Recruit upon Enlisting has exactly three months or less to acquire 40 or more points before their cut date (cut date is three months after their enlistment date). If a recruit fails to acquire the needed points before their cut date then they are failed and removed from Recruit status to civilian once more. Recruits who fail must wait one month before being eligible to reenlist.

Every 1st and 15th of every month the recruit is undergoing Recruit Phase they will be graded by Marines involved with IPAC. We use multiple Marines to grade each recruit so that we can form a good average score to give each recruit each grading cycle. The areas in which they grade are bahaviour, willingness to be involved in the unit, microphone discipline, following orders, not causing disruptions, mental capacity and activity.

While grading, each criteria just mentioned effects you differently. For example, we favor behaviour and discipline above all else. So points to be gained in this area will greatly effect your score wheras other areas such as mentality would not hurt you as much if you are the type of person who struggles navigating around a website or perfers to just play all the time instead of getting wrapped up in trying to become everyone's friend.

Recruits will not be given their scores for every category. Instead they will only ever see the accumulated score that they received during that grading period. On our administration page, we typically save the scores for the very last period we graded for a week so if you have any questions please ask your companies executive officer for what areas you seem to struggle with. It is not a garuntee our leadership did not go ahead and immediatly rest everyones scores to get things ready for the next grading cycle, but it is worth a shot if you cannot figure out why you are struggling.