Additional Training

Pre-Match drills or speciality weapon billeting courses will be conducted at random times as designated by the Company Sergeant for training purposes.

Most of these additional training events are targeted to just a section of Marines instead of the entire unit.

Training Revolutions

Recruit Training

Recruit Training is the first step each 3rd Marine Devil Dog must take on the road to becoming one of us. All new joins must go through a tryout phase to earn a place in the unit.

When Is It Held: From your first Day of Enlistment to 3 Months after Enlistment (if needed)

Time Frame: N/A

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School Of Infantry

School of Infantry (SOI) is an advanced 2-Day Infantry Course in which all new Marines must complete in order to become a full member of the unit and get on the Active Roster.

When Is It Held: Once per year

Time Frame: TBA

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Fleet Exercises

Fleet Exercises are the monthly large scale unit training exercises. Where Marines in the Active Roster hone their teamwork and overall game skills for future combat.

When Is It Held: Last Saturday of Every Month

Time Frame: 1400-1600 EST

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