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Toggle %s Large Community Raffle (2)!

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 30 November 2016 - 02:33 AM



We are holding another Community Raffle.  In the LAST Community Raffle we had 22 people enter the raffle and gave out 11 great games to the lucky winners.  We are expecting to see a higher participation rate because our Public Steam Group has gone from 2679 members to 2819 which is where it sits at the moment.  We issue these community raffles and free game dumps every other quarter as we get enough product to give out as a thank you for your continued support of the 3rd Marines and the games we play.


If this is your first raffle on the 3rd Marines website, this quick tutorial will show you how you can enter the contest for your chance to win one of these great prizes!  In order to have a chance, you must follow the steps below and "Participate" (get a raffle ticket) in the raffle.  Do not worry, this is FREE.  We will never charge you anything.



Step 1:

First you must REGISTER a Forum account.  You can do this the normal way or through Steam.  Whichever floats your boat.


Step 2:

After you log in, come back to this post and click the button below to go to the Raffle




Step 3:

Once on the Raffle page, you need to click the "I want to Participate" button in the top right hand corner of the screen.  It looks like this:





To eliminate cheating (entering in fake forum accounts), every participant MUST link their Steam Account to their profile.  And winners who's Steam account appears new will not be awarded the game if they win on suspicion of cheating.  To link your Steam Account, you first have to be logged into the forums.  Next, click this image below.  On the page that then pops up, click the "Sign up through Steam" button. On the Steam page login with your Steam information and now you are done.  You will be brought back to your profile and it will say that you are now linked.





Step 5:

You are now entered in the raffle.  Now just sit back and wait.  The raffle ends on December 17th.  Check back to see if you won anything!




* All winners will have the ability to attempt to trade whatever they won with another winner after the Raffle concludes.  More information about this will be posted the day of the ending of the raffle

** I am a little worried that the following titles may have already been handed out.  There is no way of verifying other than backtracking all previous giveaways, random steam game giveaways, 3rd Marine only raffles and so on to see if I gave them out yet or not.  I could not find anything on them so I assume they are still good.  If they do not end up working, I will work something out with you.  These games that are questionable are:  Mad Max, Ryse and Black Flag




alienbreed.jpg                   batman.jpg


blackflag.jpg                   deathtospies.jpg


dues.jpg                   grandages.jpg


hitman.jpg                   kholat.jpg


madmax.jpg                   mafia2.jpg


ryse.jpg                   sanctum2.jpg


trine3.jpg                   tropico5.jpg





-Sponsored by the 3rd Marine Regiment of Days of War-




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Toggle %s Shadow Boxes now on Marines Profile's

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 29 November 2016 - 05:21 PM



Shadow Boxes have been added to every Marine's Personnel File


We did away with using shadow boxes a year ago.  The old system was done on a excel sheet which turned out to be more hassle than it was worth.  Granted it had slightly more power than PERSCOM in terms of providing raw data about each Marine such as contain their current cutting score, rifle qual score, last billet training and so on; it was hopeless when it came to trying to get images to work correctly.  PERSCOM instead uses a simple picture.  So, after some time spent in Photoshop, I have released our first version we will be using with our new system.



About the Design


I tried my best to give our boxes a more unique look than other groups who keep shadowboxes on their members as well.  However, after many attempts to try steering away from the norm, I could not let go of the fact that having an actual uniform in it all decorated in "FAT STACKS" just makes the girls weak between the legs.  And if the Marines have the best dress uniform, might as well use it!  As for the actual items that are added such as rewards, marksmanship badge and so on, that is pretty much the norm as far as what most other groups use.  So to give some individuality I themed it heavily to be very USMC looking and decided to make some original content with the billet specialty section.



Check your Personnel File for Errors


Head over to the Active Duty Roster and check your personnel file for any errors.  If you find any, let me know in a reply or on Steam.



Showing a new Medal that is not in your history?


While going through and making everyones box I discovered a few instances that some awards I know you have earned had not been awarded.  Most of these where annual awards and was a response to not having the annual awards section in the "Current Cutting Scores" working properly until just recently.  I also removed one award "Distinguished Service Medal" because it turns out this is not awarded to Marines.  The medal was used by s to award Marines who hit 50 points on their cutting score and every 50 point intrevel after that.  I will be adding a new award soon that will have the same conditions, but will change it to a ribbon instead of a medal because we are now out of room to add any more medals due to the shadow box.



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Toggle %s November Recap

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 27 November 2016 - 11:11 PM







New Promotions




Private First Class T. Mubarak was promoted to Lance Corporal.








New Rewards



Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, GCM


Sergeant P. Loux

Corporal W. Roark

Lance Corporal T. Mubarak

Lance Corporal G. Godellas




National Defense Medal, NDSM


Sergeant P. Loux

Corporal W. Roark

Lance Corporal T. Mubarak

Lance Corporal G. Godellas




Navy and Marine Corps Medal, MCM


Sergeant P. Loux

Corporal W. Roark

Lance Corporal T. Mubarak

Lance Corporal G. Godellas




Navy Distinguished Service Medal, NDSM


Sergeant M. Petersen




Letter of Commendation, LOC


Lance Corporal T. Mubarak

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