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Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 03 April 2017 - 04:23 AM









New Promotions




Recruit A. Winkel was promoted to Private.





Private P. Rock was promoted to Private First Class.







New Rewards



Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, GCM


Lance Corporal G. Godellas

Lance Corporal W. Roark

Lance Corporal T. Mubarak

Sergeant P. Loux





National Defense Service Medal, NDSM


Lance Corporal F. Ferreira

Lance Corporal W. Roark





Letter of Excellence, LOE


Lance Corporal C. Ferreira

Private P. Rock




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Toggle %s February Recap

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 25 February 2017 - 09:34 PM








New Enlistments




Recruit S. Cringle enlisted on February 04

Recruit P. Rock enlisted on February 04

Recruit A. Winkel enlisted on February 07

Recruit J. Smith enlisted on February 07

Recruit J. Bolten enlisted on February 08

Recruit A. Ryan enlisted on February 09





New Promotions




Recruit K. Simmons was promoted to Private.





Private J. Johnson was promoted to Private First Class.





Private First Class G. Godellas was promoted to Lance Corporal.

Private First Class C. Ferreira was promoted to Lance Corporal.





New Rewards



Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, GCM


First Sergeant A. Switz




Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, OVSM


Recruit J. Johnson




Marine Corps Recruiting Ribbon, MCRR


Master Sergeant A. Switz




Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, MCEM


Recruit K. Simmons x2

Recruit P. Rock x2

Recruit J. Smith

Recruit A. Ryan

Private J. Johnson

Private First Class G. Godellas x2

Private First Class C. Ferreira x2

Lance Corporal W. Roark x2

Lance Corporal T. Mubarak

Master Sergeant A. Switz x2




Letter of Commendation, LOC


Recruit J. Smith




Letter of Excellence, LOE


Lance Corporal C. Ferreira

First Sergeant A. Switz




Unit Participation Citation, UPC


First Sergeant A. Switz




Presidential Unit Citation, PUC


Recruit J. Johnson

Lance Corporal W. Roark



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Toggle %s Fog of War - A new open world WW2 game

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 20 February 2017 - 04:35 AM








If ARMA and Red Orchestra had a baby, and throw in some graphics from source games - FOG OF WAR.  This is a small surprise in the WW2 jumpstart we are seeing all of a sudden with Days of War, Enlisted, BAT44, Day of Infamy and even hints that the next COD is heading back to the war to end all wars.  




Open world, vehicles, large scale 2.5km maps and extreme Co-Op are all taglines for this new game.  And best of all, just a easy $10.


The game releases on Thursday.  Since the price tag is so cheap, I hope that a good portion of us buy it and can go have some unit events in it next weekend.



If you decide to come to the event I have scheduled, do not forget to sign up to get credit!
Sign up Here






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