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* 3rd Marines Clan Day - August 18th at 1600 EST

* Surge Week 2 Map Choice

When: Sunday at 1400 EST

The next DODS Ported map from Week 2's Surge winner "Blood Angel" will be dod_snow_bridge_bavaria_2

This is a VERY large map in a very large canyon with a horizontal bridge running through it.  Controlling the bridge is not the only element of strategy needed because under the bridge offers a much quicker route to the enemy spawn area and stronghold. 

With heavy fog blanketing the entire landscape and the sheer size of this map, you can expect to see long drawn out conquest and realism's taking place here. 

* Clans vs Pubbers Event

* WW1 Source 2.0 Update/Avatar


* The First WW1 Source DDAY Conversion

* Surge Memorabilia!

*These Items are not actually for sale*

* Early 2.0 Map!

2.0 Map Being Released!

The developers "secret" is that they will be releasing a scrubbed 2.0 map that didnt make the new 2.0 map roster will be made available this weekend!

The map is called ww_Gheluvelt

The setup of the map is It is a 90% urban map. Every single 50+ of it's buildings in the map are heavily damaged from artillery bombardments from previous fighting. The map funnels into a "L Intersection" where the mid capture point will be in which each side will make use of the streets and damaged buildings to grab hold of this vital territory and push on to victory.

During the 1st Battle of Ypres 1914, Gheluvelt was the site of the famous last stand of the 1st South Wales Borderers and the 2nd Worcester Rifles. The outcome of this village would determine the Battle of Ypres in the early stages of the war in which it seemed Germany would be unstoppable. The battle started in the Germans favor as they knocked back and forced the retreat of 6 battalions, alll but the mighty 1st South Wales Borderers who where able to stave off the massive attack and hold firm. The 2nd Worcester Rifles where the only battalion left intact and where sent to support the 1st South Wales until the Allied forces could muster and organize a counter offensive to free the now trapped lost battalions in the village of Gheluvelt. So crucial was their struggle that war records indicate if the village was overran, Germany would had no forces in between them and Paris.


* Placeholder

The Surge is Here! 
Starting 7/13/2013

Event Start - We will be explaining what the surge is, what it is intended for and rally the community to a common purpose

Plan of the Day - Will be going over how prizes will be won, what events we have scheduled, and the times they will begin

3MAR Argonne Forest - The newest 3MAR map will be debuting at this time.  For details on this map please go HERE.

Meet the Clans - Interested in joining or starting a clan in WW1 Source?  If so be sure you do not miss this event (most prizes will be offered during this event as well).  WW1 Source NEEDS clan members, especially for the surge! 

3MAR Community Surprise - An extra gift from the 3rd Marines to the WW1 Source community.  Hope you enjoy!!!!

Realism by Request - Will be a sort of intermission.  Basically map will be decided by vote and we will host a realism on it.

WW1 Source Dev Surprise - Thats right gents!  Our beloved developers have included a very special surprise just for this event!  Keep in mind, there is already an active prize challenge going on in the 3rd Marines Public Steam Group discussion section if you can guess what the surprise will be!

Please visit our forum topic we have made for the surge.  This is a place to ask questions or share your surge stories!  It is located here: 

* Huge Event~!

Join us July 7th at 1300 EST as we host the kickstarter event to our two month long "Activity Push" in which we plan to sacrifice as much time as we all can to get WW1 Source in tip top shape before the very much anticipated 2.0 release! 

The event will host a new map called 3MAR Argonne Forest that has been under development for the past three months.  The map depicts the first true heavy woodloand/forest WW1 style combat in WW1 Source and coincidentally was the first major battle the Americans where engaged in during the Great War. 

During the event, we will be holding challenges, lotteries and mini events which will include giving away free games through steam to the lucky winners.  Over 15 games this time!


We are laying everything on the line during this activity push which will last into September!  Just in time, hopefully, before the release of WW1 Source 2.0.   We are coordinating this as an effort to guarantee a much higher player base for 2.0 once the mass crowds who will originally play it on release start to leave again.

* Wikia

What's a great game without a great Wikia page?  Thats what one WW1 Source fanatic thought and after some self sacrificing on their part and free time they have brought it to us!  One of our forum regulars and community powerhouse, BloodAngel took the time to create this wonderful Wikia page for our favorite mod and has been hard away adding interesting topics and pages to it. 

Any WW1 Source player has the go ahead to make their own input onto the WW1 Source wikia.  So far a couple of players have added their input to it but it could be much more!  Anything and everything is encouraged from reports on maps, weapons, in game strategies, even profiles on WW1 Source community powerhouse players who most veterans of the game already know very well by now.  Take the time to browse the new Wiki and add your page today!

Link to the WW1 Source Wiki: WW1 Source Wikia Page

* Somme 2.0!

The New Community Begins!!!

Welcome to the WW1 Source Community!  We have finally opened our doors to you to take a look at some of the material we have prepared for you on our grand opening.  We beg you to take a minute out of your precious weekend to look through all the new goodies that have been contributed to our favorite little Source Mod that could and for the love of God PLEASE register and show your support for a functioning WW1 Source Community fan site!!!  It takes less than 40 seconds to do and it keeps us motivated to stay with it!

Here is a look at the HOTTEST news for our grand opening.  No, it is not the awsome chance for you to win Assassins Creed 3, its not that out monthly All Star Community Challenge has officially started for your chance to win Borderlands, its not the incredible stockpile of old and brand new WW1 Source Downloads and Content.  And it certainly isnt all the badass conversations going on in the forums.   The hottest news trench rats and doughboys needs no words, just a bad ass image for you to click on and then soil yourself on the page it takes you!!!

* WW1 Source Campaign

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