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If you are thinking of joining the 3rd Marines, although it is not mandatory, it would definitely serve you well to look over some of the more common things you will hear your seniors saying in game and teamspeak from time to time as well as some of our traditions that may be foreign in your clan/realism unit experience.  We already assume you have the basic concept of normal words or phrases like what a platoon is or what "get some" means.  So the list below is wordage that we think may be new to you.  Be warned, some of these are a little odd, but after such a long time we have formed our own language, but most are based off actual USMC jargon.

Terms and Terminology We Use

Blue Falcon - One of our more "colorful" sayings.  It simply means "Buddy Fucker".  Someone sold you out, he is a Blue Falcon.


Boot - Hazing term we use normally for brand new Privates. but is also used when we see a fellow Marine perform a rookie mistake or get owned.


Bulkhead - Means a wall.  If we say get on the bulkhead it means put your back against the plainly obvious large wall we are implying and do not move a muscle unless tightening formation.


Kill - A Marine utters this when he cannot control his enthusiasm to seeing himself or a fellow Marine perform or say something awesome.


Kill Babies, Eat Puppies - This has no rhyme or reason to be said except that it is one of our favorite sayings.  Usually just blurted out at random.


Ladder Well - Means stairwell or ramp.


Mic Check - Usually said in a manner in which someone has lost all patience, it means stfu and get your head into the game.


Nut to Butt - Another one of our more colorful sayings that can draw a odd glance or two.  It means we want you to get the formation tighter together.  You look like a bag of nasties scattered all over the place.


Paroled - Named after a former and very young recruit we once had who used to sing Lynkin Park songs during his pre-match speeches to rally his side, we unfortunately adopted "we are getting Paroled" whenever we have some loud and annoying kids in the server.


Porthole - Means window or an opening in a wall.


Rah - Said when you have acknowledged a order.


Rah? - Said when you did not hear or understand the message.


Shower Buddy - If things where not weird yet, this one probably takes the cake.  If you are told to grab your shower buddy it means go grab your best friend.  Usually uttered if we notice you two spending a lot of time in game and in other games together.


Yut - Usually said to imply "Yes" or like Rah, you are acknowledging you heard what was said with a simply grunt.


Traditions We Have

Fall Out Procedure - At the end of every in game drill, match, exercise or meeting, the last command issued is the command to fall out.  Usually already in a School Circle by then, when the command to fall out is yelled, every Marine points his/her rifle in the air and fires three rounds and three rounds only into the air.  Most usually yell out "Yut", "Rah", "Oorah", "Kill" or any other saying once all shots are fired.


Grid - During our time in WW1 Source with large open maps and artillery able to inflict damage in large areas, we imagine the map from a overhead view and draw a tic-tac-toe board on it.  So if we say enemy or requesting artillery on Grid 1, we need fire on the top left part of the map.


Order of Formations - In every formation while during a official 3rd Marine Regiment Event, aside from the formation leaders, the Marines who are in the actual formation will line up by rank.  The highest ranking Marine will always form up on the far right of the line while the lowest ranking Marines form up on the far left (rear).


School Circle - It is a formation we call for a lot and in every drill.  It means make a half circle directly in front of who called the school circle with the front rank kneeling and the back rank standing.