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Posted By:  MSGT A.Switz @ 01 May 2016 - 02:46 AM








New Enlistments




Recruit Y. Shaban enlisted on April 29





New Promotions




Private W. Roark was promoted to Private First Class.





Private First Class P. Loux honorary promoted to Corporal.





Lance Corporal M. Petersen honorary promoted to Sergeant.





Corporal G. Galazar honorary promoted to Staff Sergeant.





Gunnery Sergeant A. Switz honorary promoted to Master Sergeant.






New Rewards



WW1 Campaign Ribbon, WW1C


Private E. Filkins

Private R. Marsh

Private First Class  J. Engel

Private First Class  P. Knight

Private First Class  T. Mubarak

Private First Class  W. Roark

Corporal P. Loux

Sergeant M. Petersen

Staff Sergeant G. Galazar

Master Sergeant A. Switz




Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, OVSM


Sergeant M. Petersen




Letter of Commendation, LOC


Corporal P. Loux




Navy Presidential Unit Citation, PUC


Recruit A. White

Master Sergeant A. Switz




Unit Participation Citation, UPC


Master Sergeant A. Switz







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Toggle %s Days of War Has Begun!

Posted By:  MSGT A.Switz @ 29 April 2016 - 01:50 AM






The 3rd Marines now deploys to our new game, Days of War after a action packed month of transitions, upgrades and sweat.  We are finally leaving WW1 Source behind us as we venture out into the unknown together, strong and ready for a good fight.  Keep in mind we will still host events in our founding game, so don't disregard it just yet.


Days of War is showing a lot of potential.  Already released to those of us within the clan package we purchased, some love it, others have things that they want to see done to make them more open to diving in like they know they can.  Either way, that is what Alpha, Beta and Early Release builds are all about.  Looking at the core of the game so far, it is unanimous that this game will be a shining example of how fast paced shooters are meant to be played.





As of today points will begin accruing once again.  We have managed to get all of our Alpha build Marines onto the PERSCOM system but are still reigning in our reserve (Beta) forces.  This weekend we will be awarding points to those who attended last months drill as well as finalizing all current awards that you currently have to date.


In two weeks we will be finishing up our website to merge the main site completely with the new.





All Marines are expected to Muster in via the Member Portals above every week.  This is a trial phase so reminders will be used at first.  Repeat offenders will begin getting punished in a couple of months.  We must work on our global activity.  Not just in game but out.  And keep in mind, Alpha builds are notorious for not being polished, that is why they are alpha.  Some of us may suffer wheras some of us may not notice a thing.  Either way, we are a unit and will play as a unit.

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Toggle %s New Citation Inducted

Posted By:  MSGT A.Switz @ 25 April 2016 - 08:34 AM






Unit Participation Citation, UPC







A new award has become available to earn.  It is yet another accrual based award, this time awarding high site activity.  We have added a point based system that tracks how many topics and posts you make, of which give you points based on where the post was made under which forum.  To take it a step further, if your topic gains over 5 replies you begin earning an extra point every 5 posts made by other people than yourself.


To get the UPC, you will earn it at every 50 point intravel.  You can check it by clicking on "Points" in the main nav menu for now.  It will eventually be moved into a sub link due to running out of space up there.  May also add it to the member portals as well.

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