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Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 13 September 2016 - 07:40 AM







Before I begin, a little background on why we do not have a boot camp currently.  


Since our beginning in March 2010, we conducted a very unique style of boot camp in WW1 Source.  At that time we conducted it on the stock map called Paschendaele.  Unlike what I am perhaps a couple of you may had been used to from previous realism units that conducted their own Boot Camp or Basic Training, we leaned away from in-game skill training to instead focus on USMC history, nomenclature, terms, terminology as a good 1/2 of our required material.  The other half was a mix of our clans history and traditions.  


As time went on and we started making training maps, we added in a exact replica of the USMC 500 meter marksmanship rifle range using all current day relays and correct firing positions.  We even had fellow recruits in the "pits" pulling targets after every shot to mark where impact occurred as in real life.  And in our last years of WW1 Source we even expanded on tradition by adding in a parade deck and graduation ceremony.  


During Boot Camp, although usually it was just me, but sometimes with help, Drill Instructors would always be acting the part.  We would be yelling, screaming, intimidating and creating pressure to succeed.  We tested each recruit in all the knowledge we bestowed on them in single elimination test after test to not only ensure we got someone with a brain, but more importantly someone dedicated enough to have actually gone over and studied the 5 page recruit handbook where all of the questions came from.  


Boot camp clearly served it's purpose as we had a incredible ratio of what pretty much any commander would call GREAT new people to make it through and the ones that can weigh down a unit due to poor character never passed.  

However, as wonderful as this sounds to most of you who I know enjoy a much more realistic and immersive portrayal of the USMC and military, Boot Camp easily absorbed eons of manpower and hours to not just conduct, but plan and maintain.  It was a constant struggle every month between classes to keep recruits who either just failed or where brand new to understand the importance of the study guide and to do all we could to get scheduling as best we could for most slated to attend.  I do not believe a day went by that something related to Boot Camp was not handled.  
After tens of thousands of hours, almost a thousand days and almost a hundred months of the constant cycle, it became too much for me.  Anyone who has been in the unit long enough saw me falter often in recruit training because the work load just would not stop.  Although this sounds horrible, this scenerio caused us to streamline and streamline again our SOP to bring down micromanaging to manageable levels for just one person as I constantly saw myself having to be due to second in commands not lasting very long in their roles that offered more "bite" out of the entire pie to handle.  
Even after shaving off as much as we could and then some more, Boot Camp had to go unfortunately.  That is when we adopted the point system which I will admit has been working out wonderfully.  I do not think any one of us can say that the right Marines have not made it through that program yet.  However, I do not know about you, but it also feels like we are failing them on showing them what this unit is truly capable of.  
So what are my plans
I like the new point system.  I really do.  It is incredibly simple, very easy to maintain, and it does the job if not better in ensuring only the right Marines make it into the unit.  I have zero plans to drop or even change how we are doing it (although more ENGAGED graders and recruiters are desperately needed.  Contact me if interested).  I do, obviously, have a desire to see us bring back Boot Camp.  However, unlike before, I plan to use Boot Camp for a new purpose.  
Once we get our mapping tools for Days of War, I will begin working on porting our Parris Island and MCBH K-Bay training maps.  If I have time, I will also port Bellows Training Facility.  Parris Island will be first though so we can bring Boot Camp's impression level to where they once where for first timers seeing the map and all it has to offer.  But instead of using it as a pass/fail type of course, I plan to use it as a requirement along with netting 40 points in order to pass recruit training.  This will allow me to not have to worry as much about scheduling due to less need for recruits to have to be there for that one chance only.  
In addition, much of the old Boot Camp program will be removed.  We will only cover the initial footprints, but from there we will be conducting a more fast paced program and have mini knowledge courses throughout.  Courses that will be covered and tested on will be learning Marine Corps terminology to use in game, our clans history, server rules and etiquette, and our clans SOP.  We will be cutting USMC history, nomenclature, pistol range and graduation ceremony.  I also have plans (if mapping skill in UDK allows) to not rely on human players to pull targets or need of Marines supporting the event (volunteers always welcomed though).  
We will still use a script for most of it in case we have volunteers wish to lead certain pats of the program.  But for the most part, I think we can trim the day down to less than an hour after all above changes are made.  If anything, we will cut the rifle range short.  
To keep micromanaging low, I was thinking of conducting only one every month.  Perhaps something like the first Saturday of every month to make scheduling easy and for you guys to help remind recruits of when they will be.  I believe I can do this and not feel burdened, however, it will be pushing me close to the limit but not over.  Any GOOD AND RELIABLE permanent help in any of this will be a gigantic help.
Why is this important
One of the things that make the 3rd Marines special is our commonality with eachother.  Name me one other group who collectively knows more about our units structure, processes, traditions, history and even the real life unit/branch we represent than us?  Now ask some of our newest Marines questions like "when is the USMC B-Day, what does Porthole mean, or at what rank do you need to be to be allowed to open a new company in another game".
It is not just that it looks impressive, it is in fact actually impressive and has more meaning than you realize.  You are connected in this shared knowledge like no other.  And it is this knowledge that further separates you from a normal pubber in our future server.  YOU ARE A 3RD MARINE.  Not them and it is not because you wear our tags, but because you ARE our tags.  

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Toggle %s August Recap

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 04 September 2016 - 07:21 AM







New Promotions




Private C. Ferreira was promoted to Private.








New Rewards



Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, GCM


Private First Class R. Marsh




National Defence Medal, NDSM


Private First Class P. Knight

Private First Class T. Mubarak

Lance Corporal G. Godellas

Lance Corporal W. Roark

Corporal P. Loux

Sergeant M. Petersen

First Sergeant A. Switz




Letter of Commendation, LOC


Private C. Ferreira


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Toggle %s MEGA DUMP - Come get your free games quickly!

Posted By:  FSGT. A. Switz @ 31 August 2016 - 03:15 AM


Another Game Dump


From time to time, I get a lot of "worthless" games that pile up over the months whilst doing giveaways and raffles with the community.  However, what may be worthless to someone may be gold to someone else.  That is where these "Dumps" come in.  This is the third dump we have ever done and it is our hope all our ugly children can find a loving home to go to.  




Everyone gets 5 POINTS.  You can select any game(s) up to 5 points and they will be gifted to you as soon as I can and then removed from the list.  Very simple.


In order to select your games, you must make a reply to this thread with the games you want.  Please include your steam info if you have not been coming around for a long time so I can find you and send you your games.




Well you greedy bastard, you are in luck.  To avoid having some games roll over and bug me until our next dump, I will be resetting everyone's 5 points every two weeks from now.  




*Also Note: Some links below only match the base game or most popular in the list at the very bottom which shows what your actually getting like GOTY editions or multiple titles for that game*




Games that have been given away




GAME LIST and Point Scale


Afterfall Insanity - Dirty Arena Edition 2


Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition 2

Battle Group 2 2

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive 2

Disciples III - Renaissance Steam Special Edition 2

Dogfight 1942 4

Etherlords I & II 0

Freedom Force 1

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich 1

Inquisitor Deluxe Edition 0

Lovely Planet 1


Orion: Prelude 1

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Revised Edition 1

Rune Classic 0

Sacred 3 Gold 2

Saints Row 2 2

Warfare 1

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space 0

Zeno Clash 2 1


Abyss Odyssey 1

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition 2

bit Dungeon II 1

Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology 2

Cities XL: Platinum 4

Commandos Collection 2

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition 2

Duke Nukem Forever 4

Frontlines: Fuel of War 2

God Mode 4

Grow Home 1

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 1

Joint Task Force 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Pool Nation 0

Rayman® Origins 2

Rush for Berlin: Gold 2

Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package 4

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition 2

Takedown: Red Sabre 1

The Crew 4

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 1

Trine 1 and 2 1

Tropico Trilogy 1



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