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Recruiting FAQS

Before Enlisting

  • We have no age limit.
  • We have no microphone requirement.
  • We require you to change your name on Steam and your avatar on Steam.
  • Although it is not required until you pass recruit phase, you should go ahead and get Teamspeak 3 for your initial interview/walkthrough of the unit to make it go quicker.
  • You will be contacted through Steam first after enlisting. Accept any invites that are 3rd Marine related.
  • If you are not contacted within 8 hours, check your email or PM a high ranking Marine on the forums.
  • Understand that we put up with no nonsense of any kind. Those who have a hard time following order will not make it past recruit phase.

After Enlisting

  • You have exactly three months after your DOE to acquire 40+ points on your recruit cutting score.
  • DOE stands for Date of Enlistment.
  • If you acquire 40+ points before your three months expires you will be promoted to the enlisted ranks and made a full member.
  • Your points are updated (or deducted) every 1st and 15th of every month depending on how well you performed the past two weeks.
  • You are required to keep up with knowing how many points you currently have. You can view them any time on the Recruit Roster.
  • You are also required to "Muster In" every week as site activity is help in high importance in the 3rd Marines. You can do that through the Recruit Portal on the home page or through PERSCOM.

Reasons For Enlisting With The 3rd Marines

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In the 3rd Marines we offer you a more polished realism organization than most. The unit was created because there was a lack of highly organized and disciplined realism units in the community from which it came. While the 3rd Marines where forming, it took bits and pieces of the better parts of every other realism unit to become the foundation and structure of the 3rd Marines. Since March 15th 2010, the 3rd Marines has constantly made small adjustments to our Standard Operating Procedure to get the maximum effectiveness out of each area all while trying to keep needless micromanaging at a low. The result is a highly organized and self cohesive unit that is easy to maintain and has a lot of solid foundation under it's feet to continue to grow and expand making this the perfect place for any career minded realism goer.
  • We utilize a point based promotion system that has no bearing on how we feel about you or "think you are a good guy". All of our factors that effect your points are controlled by your own initiative and actions. The more you want it, the more you focus on earning points.
  • We also have a similar reward system. Aside from a small handful of achievement based awards and citations, all of our 30+ awards such as medals, ribbons, badges and citations can be earned for simply fulfilling the requirement to earn them.
  • Professional Training records have always been the hallmark of the 3rd Marines. We have recently decided to start using the PERSCOM system which makes what we did before much easier.
  • We have a very large supportive leadership pool with many unique and easy jobs that focus on one small area that are almost always available for those of you with the career mindset and want to help the 3rd Marines.
  • We have very low playing requirements. We are often labeled as having high ones because for the simple fact that we do use your recorded playing time to track activity (which can be viewed here and then clicking "Current Cutting Scores" and scroll to the bottom of the page), however, unlike most other units, we only have just one drill a month whereas they typically have one every week which actually makes us have less playing requirements.
  • We are one of very few who allow any age to enlist, yet still keep perhaps one of the most disciplined and mature communities. We allow this because we are good at ensuring only the right individuals go on to pass Recruit Training.