17 July 2010

By: 3/3 India Company
Near the outskirts of Bapaume France, the 3rd Marines where tasked with overtaking the defensive positions in the Somme. The Central Powers defended this area vigorously causing heavy casualties on both sides. The 27th Jaeger Division, a new division, fought the hardest against the Marines as they pushed up the bloody hills to ultimately take their objective. The fighting was close and in a few occasions caused the Marines to be forced to fall back and reorganize but in the end the Marines overcame the tremendous odds to take the enemy positions.

This was the marines first engagement of the war and the tremendous efforts of training paid off in the suicidal attack.
Size: 8vs8
Map: Somme
Score: 3-1
Victor: 3rd MAR


26 June 2010

By: 3/3 India Company

India Company, 3rd BTN, 3rd Marines geared up for a large Combat Training Exercise north of Ypres, France with the 3rd Grenadiers Francias Division for staging large scale unit maneuvers and close quarter fighting. This was the largest training exercise the new 3/3 Marines would have seen and would be vital in the coming engagements to come.

However, at the 11th hour the 3rd Grenadiers had to cancel the exercise to reinforce the 51st Commonwealth Infantry on No Man's Land for a possible German counterattack to reclaim the town of Flanders.

Size: 6vs6
Map: Marne
Score: 0-0
Victor: N/A

The 3rd Marines carried on with the logistics of the exercise and determined billets for each Marine in the Company.


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