Below is the explanation and processes used for promotion in the 3rd Marine Regiment. Our unit is dedicated to promoting fairly to those who put forth the most effort amongst his peers. We do not allow favoritism in our promotion requirements. We understand that the promotions can be somewhat confusing at first, however, all Marines are taught this system and how to calculate scores during their Boot Camp and is detailed in much more practice for Board Promotion testing to Corporal.

Here is a quick explanation of the lingo you will commonly see and hear about promotions:

Activity Cutting Score - The accumulative score of your past 4 weeks of playing times and post counts
Overall Cutting Score - Accumulative score of your testing results and your Activity Cutting Score (Use in Board Promotions)
Board Promotion - A systematic event used in Corporal or higher promotions. Requires testing
Penalties/Deductions - Written Warnings, Page 11's and Court Martials deduct points from cutting scores
Rewards - Adds points to your cutting scores


Recruit to Private

Ranking up from Recruit to Private is done while in your Boot Camp immediately after testing if you pass.  Recruits will earn their Eagle Globe and Anchors, a National Defense Ribbon and a rank of Private in the 3rd Marine Division.  The Platoon Guide will receive a honorary promotion to Private First Class and also receive the National Defense Ribbon but also the Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for his achievements.  

"Boot Phase"
After you become a member and pass Boot Camp to become a Private you are considered a "Boot".  You will remain a "Boot" for one month after your Boot Camp.  During your "Boot Phase" you are required to address every Marine by their rank and name.  Only after your "Boot Phase" are you allowed to start calling Marines by their names only.  Keep in mind all Sgt's or higher regardless of your rank are addressed by their rank and name.  

Private to Private First Class

Ranking up to Pfc is relatively easy.  You must be in the unit for a month and openings must be available.  In every FireTeam we slate two Pfc openings and one Private opening with a Cpl leading it.  Ranking up to Pfc is determined by your player profile activity statistics against the other Privates in your fireteam.  If you have the most activity and their is an opening you will be promoted.  We determine this by your  Activity Cutting Score.  To determine your activity cutting score go to your "Player Profile" sheet off the Recall Roster.  At the bottom is your playing times.  You will use the last FOUR stats on your activity section (Playing Times and Posts Counts).  You will first add your past four playing times together and get the total.  Then take that total and multiply it by two.  This is your Playing Time Cutting Score.  Then take your last four post count statistics and add them together.  Take the sum of it and multiply it by two.  This is your Site Activity Cutting Score.   Finally, take your Playing time cutting score and your Site Activity cutting score and add them together.  The sum is your Activity Cutting Score

Private First Class to Corporal

The process changes once you are going for a Cpl or higher rank.  This is where we start using Board Promotions.  Board Promotions are promotions based on an overall score you accumulate from what the 3rd MD deems credible.  These areas are activity levels and testing scores.  When a Cpl or higher rank is announced that it will be opening the next month it will also include a list of Marines selected to test for the rank.  The Marines listed will need to do contact the Marine who posted the selection immediatly to receive the Study Guide and test.  The longer it takes you to get in contact with the Marine who posted your name for a Board Selection the more points are deducted from your finishing score.  The Board will then determine the overall individual cutting scores of the Marines competition for the open rank by using their activity levels on their player profiles. ribbon count and their testing scores.  The Marine with the highest score will get the position.  

To be eligible for being selected for a Board Promotion that is available you are selected by your Overall Cutting Score.  Your Overall Cutting Score is a lot like your Activity Cutting Score for the Pfc promotion.  However, Ribbons, Page-11's and Written Warnings add or subtract from your Overall Cutting Score. If selected you will perform the required course (test).  At which time your Overall Cutting Score is added with your Testing Scores.  The Marine with the highest score total is given the promotion.  A more in depth description is at the bottom of this page. 

Corporal to Higher ranks

Follows the same process of Pfc to Cpl.  A Board Promotion will occur and compare the ending cutting scores of the Marines selected to test for the position.  

Promotion To Officer

Process changes from this point.  To become an Officer in the 3rd MD you will generally be competing each month for rank against the other Platoons Platoon Leaders.  At the end of the month the Platoon Leader with the most active and engaged Platoon will generally receive a promotion to the next highest enlisted rank.  The process continues until there are no more enlisted ranks to go through and the next promotion will be 2nd Lieutenant.  

Cpl or Higher - How Board Promotions Work and Score

For promotions Cpl or higher Marines must undergo "Board Promotions".  Board Promotions are systematic and graded tests to determine a eligible Marines "Cutting Score".  Your cutting score is then compared to other Marines in the board promotion and whichever Marine(s) score the highest (depends on how many positions are being slated) they will get the promotion.  Below is the scoring system we use in board promotions for selecting those Marines to be eligible for testing and then the actual testing scores.

To determine if the Marine should be considered for promotion and if the unit is large enough to accommodate the promotion:
- In Board Promotions the highest active Marines who are eligible for the rank in question are selected (Meaning they are one rank under and a full month has past since their last promotion.)
- Those with higher activity levels for the overall past 4 weeks run a better chance of being selected (Your complete time for the past 4 weeks is added and then multiplied by 2.  This is your starting cutting score).
- Forum post count for past 4 weeks multiplied by 2
- Ribbons and Medals count as 10 points to your total score each.  Some medals are worth more.  

During the Board Promotion this is how we calculate your cutting score:
- You start with 50 points ONCE your name is added in this section as needing to take a leadership course.  For each hour it takes you to notify the poster to get the testing material you are deducted 10 points. (If it takes you longer than five hours you dont get any.  You are not notified you are selected!  We are testing your forum activity.)
- Once you notify the Marine who posted the Board Promotion you will be given another 50 points and a study guide.  For each hour it takes you to Study the guide and report back to the Marine who posted the Board Interview you are deducted 10 points.  (We are testing your retention rate)
- You will be given a timed test ranging from 50 questions to 100 questions.  In addition some courses require "Prac App" which means you may have to do something on the website such as updating the roster with a fake player or doing the steps for a mock court martial.  The total test is worth 200 points.  (You ARE not deducted points for wrong answers.  So be sure to answer every question even if you do not know it).

At the end of the Board Interview the Marine doing the promotion will tally the points of all the Marines selected for testing and choose the Marine with the highest cutting score.  

So in short, your Board Promotions Overall Cutting Score is tallied with:
X - Playing Time for past 4 weeks multiplied by 2
X - Total Posts counts for past 4 weeks multiplied by 2
X - Total ribbon count multiplied by 10.  Some are worth more.
X - Total Punitive infractions deducted. Written Warnings (-10), Page 11 (-20), NJP or Court Martial (-30)
X - 1-50 points for how long it takes you to respond to selection
X - 1-50 points for how long it takes you to study
X - 1-200 points for written test